Main Street Prospecting

Find small to medium companies that want to sell now or soon.

  • $500,000 - $5M
  • Peak's core target for business brokers across the nation is with companies that have sales between $500,000 and $5M. Peak has years of pipeline in this space with sellers waiting to meet with brokers, investors, and P/E groups.
  • Peak has sourced over $250,000,000 for clients across the nation with our average deal size being $1,100,000 and the median at $700,000. Every one of Peak's agents is highly trained in this space. Be a part of the seller's wave before it's too late.
  • Peak has an office of full time employees who prospect over 100 business owners each day. All agents have either four year degrees, ran a company before Peak, or have sold to C-Level people for over five years. Finally, you can EFFECTIVELY reach owners that letters and emails can't reach.
  • Being our core product, Peak has found a way to make it cost effective for both OFFICES and individual BROKERS. It involves a nominal monthly access fee and a success fee on the back end. Pay Peak when you close deals! Our goals are aligned.

Sell Side Prospecting

Find Buyers for your company or the company you represent.

  • $500,000 - $50M
  • Are you a company looking to sell or are you a broker looking to move your listings quick? Peak will cast a wide net over the market and bring out never-before-seen buyers who are looking to acquire high quality companies in both the Main Street and M & A space.
  • Peak uncovers buyers that you would have never found otherwise. Most buyers need an actual conversation about a SPECIFIC deal in order to act. Mailing and emailing are often ineffective to flush out actual serious buyers.
  • If you need to sell a company fast, hire Peak. We have the ability to reach and have REAL conversations with hundreds of buyers every single day. We can cast a very wide net nationally or hyper-focus to niche industries in specific geographical areas.
  • Peak has high labor and overhead costs on every project. Peak has to offset these costs with upfront fees mixed with backend success fees. We make it economical for both sides.

Buy Side Prospecting

Find Deals for you or your Buyer

  • $500,000 - $50M
  • Investors, Brokers, Representatives, and P/E firms, looking to acquire a company anywhere from $500,000 to $50Mil. Peak uncovers highly targeted national searches to find hard to reach companies in complex industries. Multiple major success stories and referrals.
  • Peak has specialist agents on staff that have become experts in finding owners or CEOs who want to speak with a specific buyer. Peak has the ability to accurately hyper-focus into niche industries across the nation.
  • Buying a company is never an easy task. You always want to know you see every possible opportunity before you make that critical buying decision. Peak will turn over every rock and contact every owner to ensure you see all possible deals. Often, Peak touches a owner or CEO 20x before they decide to talk about selling.
  • Deal flow isn't cheap, especially when the average touches for a decision to each Owner or CEO is 20x. We mix an upfront fee with a backend success fee to offset our labor and overhead while aligning each other's goals with a final success fee.

M & A

Find Large Sellers or Deal Flow

  • $5M - $100M
  • For anyone looking for the highest quality mid-market deal flow in the nation. Peak sources live meetings in this space with an average 30x points of contact with CEOs. Nobody is more effective in this space. Peak has sourced hundreds of deals of this size.
  • M & A deal flow is Peak's favorite space to operate. All senior agents have demonstrated the ability to be highly effective in this larger revenue category. Feel free to ask for example calls to hear for yourself.
  • This is really where Peak shines. Nobody is better in this space because it takes peak 20x before a CEO or Owner makes a selling or buying decision. Peak utilizes a sophisticated CRM to track, follow, and re-touch this group enough times to effectively get a yes or no. NOBODY else does this in the nation.
  • Peak charges a flat monthly fee with a small success fee on the total transaction size. This aligns each other's motivation and goals to get the most effective results in the industry. If you're serious about deal flow, you need to hire Peak.

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