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Expand your team’s capabilities 


Peak Development has launched an on-call support service that meets the demand of a full-time analyst. By pedaling through backend databases and information sources, Peak provides Main Street & Lower Middle Market brokers and advisors the necessary data to make educated decisions and recommendations.

Peak analysts have the experience and brainpower to turn around your research requests with undoubted accuracy and relevance. With access to subscription databases and in-house resources, Peak analysts complete the grunt work and create wholesome, polished deliverables. Fast, accurate, and reliable. Guaranteed.


Industry Snapshots

A quick deliverable of deep industry insights and trends.

20+ page reports can seem excessive when an abridged version with the key details is all you need. Online reports can easily exceed $500, so contact us to generate your industry snapshot.

Same day turnaround time.

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Multiples Guidance & Comparables Research

A report on recent, relevant industry transactions and guidance on narrowing your multiple windows.

From some of the most trusted and comprehensive resources online, our analysts will pull transactions that fit your criteria. Using this data we can draw conclusions from the market as well as help guide your process in deciding a proper multiple for your valuation needs.

Same day turnaround time.

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Target List Generation

Help improve the likelihood of finding qualified strategic buyers and sellers.

Need a list of potential target acquirers or target acquisitions? By truly understanding the criteria and industry, our diverse research channels will uncover anything from large strategics to diamonds in the rough. If you need us to make the calls, we will gladly do that, too. List size is 50 high-quality targets.

Average of two to three day turnaround time.

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Don’t see exactly what you need? Call us. Our scope of services reaches far beyond industry reports and target lists. Tell us what you’re looking for and our analysts will put their heads together make sure you are prepared and satisfied with the end result.

Areas of consulting may include, but are not limited to,:

  • Blind Profiles
  • CBPs & Pitchbooks
  • Benchmarking Data
  • Marketing Materials
  • Custom Research

Let us prepare you to be the best advisor you can be. Win engagements; don’t let them slip away.



A Broker’s Estimate of Price is a letter that walks through the logic of how brokers would price the business for the best price and terms in a timely sale. A Broker’s Estimate of Price is NOT a “valuation” and should not be represented as one prepared by a professional appraiser.


A Broker’s Estimate of Price is based on three methods:

  1. Broker’s Rule of Thumb by Industry; for example – the general cash flow formula for the contract manufacturing industry
  2. Cash flow or SDE multiples based on analysis of business financials and tax documents
  3. A limited review of published market data on sales of comparable businesses


From the business owner’s perspective, the benefits of  BEPs are that they:

  1. Provide market intelligence based on real-world broker experience
  2. Can be delivered quickly, and involve very little work by the client
  3. Serve as a great starting point prior to going to market, in setting expectations and framing the pricing argument with buyers
  4. Serve as a valuable tool for financial planning and for business planning, in anticipation of a future wealth event

If you have a client who would like to understand how a business broker would price their business for the best terms, contact us today. Our team connects with a handful of veteran business brokers to review each BEP and weigh their opinion for the most accurate, reliable product.

Average one week turn around time.


Peak Analytics and our team of analysts want to discover exactly what you need and provide you with deliverables that increase deal efficiency and boost your confidence on the front lines.

Our best work is created when we can effectively communicate with one another. Inquire below so our dedicated analysts can contact you, come up with a clear vision, and begin working immediately.


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