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Main Street Prospecting

$500k - $5M

Find small to medium companies that want to sell now or soon.

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Sell Side Prospecting

$500k - $5M

Find Buyers for your company or the company you represent.

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Buy Side Prospecting

$500k - $50M

Find Deals for you or your Buyer

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M & A

$50M - $500M

Find Large Sellers or Deal Flow

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Peak was founded in 2013 out of a need in the marketplace to provide high-quality appointments to business brokers with motivated profitable business owners who want to sell their company now or soon. Peak is the only business development or inside sales team in the nation that solely focuses on setting meetings for business brokers. The three key competencies of Peak: live meetings, recorded calls, and receiving financials ahead of the meeting. Peak’s goal is to remain the nation’s largest inside sales team within this industry while constantly taking on new top-performing offices as clients.


Fast, Now, & Cost Effective

We call double, triple, and 5x our competition. Results happen at the 5th touch, but we don't stop there... our average is 15x! We get faster results than any other group.

One Source

All In One Service

We can do it all. We offer outbound prospecting services quicker, faster, stronger than anyone in the marketplace, AND we offer executive summary research services unlike anyone else.


Peak Development Get's it Done

We have years of success and thousands of connections in the most complex industries around. If you want it done NOW and FAST, then we are your U.S. BASED outsource team.

Award Winning

Winners 'Best Business Development 2014'

Our team of business development reps surpassed our competition through 2015 and 2016 for the most effective group in the nation.

This is all we do

We don't try and compete with other national firms trying to grab the whole part of a transaction. We are VERY specialized in what we do. We set real appointments with unrepresented business owners. These are the people you want to reach.

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Next Level Professionals

All our agents have many years of sales experience, some have owned successful companies, most have four year degrees, some maintain professional licenses, and some even have MBA's from top schools. This is the real deal.